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Active servents

Peer Code Application URL/Contact Operating System Sup. Open Source? Progr. Language About it...
ACQX Acquisition
Contact: davew(at)
Mac OS X Yes Objective-C, Java Based on LimeWire's Gnutella core
BEAR BearShare
Contact: info(at)
Win9x/NT/2K No C++ Well-behaved, excellent support, and regularly updated for faster performance and better networking efficiency, and some exclusive features. Also supports its own authentic subnetwork.
? Cabos
Win2k, Mac OS, Mac OS X Yes Java, RealBasic Based on LimeWire's Gnutella core. Primary developments in Japanese and English.
COCO CocoGnut
Contact: marc(at)
RISC OS No C Freeware.
GNUC Gnucleus
Contact: swabby(at)
Win9x/NT/2K/XP Yes C++ The only official open-source Gnucleus servent.
GTKG Gtk-Gnutella
Contact: gtk-gnutella-devel(at)
All Unix-like platforms (BSD, Cygwin, Darwin, IRIX, Linux, Solaris etc.) Yes C A mature open-sourced client using the GTK toolkit for its GUI interface.
LIME LimeWire
Contact: feedback(at)
JAVA - Win9x/NT/2K/XP, Mac OS X, Linux, Unix Yes Java, C++/JNI Released as Open Source in September 2001 - millions of users, internationalized with many languages - Developers:
MLDK MLdonkey Unix, Linux, Mac OSX, FreeBSD... Yes Objective-Caml, GTK Access the eDonkey and Gnutella networks. Comes with GTK GUI, HTTP interface, telnet interface
Morpheus Windows No C++, Java core New Java-based core engine derived from open-source core
MNAP MyNapster
Contact: info(at)
Win9x/NT/2K Yes C++ Gnucleus Clone
MUTE Mutella
Contact: maksik at
Unix, Linux, Mac OSX, FreeBSD... Yes C++ Text based UI or http web UI.
Contact: phexmail(at)
Java Yes Java Advanced configuration options, Private Gnutella Networks ( possible, Low Memory-Footprint, Passive searching, free, malware-free (Softpedia-award (, Magma-Support, more... (
RAZA Shareaza
Contact: contact(at)
Win32 Yes C++ Multiprotocol
SNOW FrostWire Java platforms Yes Java Non-commercial LimeWire clone
SWAP Swapper.NET
Contact: swapper(at)
Windows with .NET runtime No C# ?
TFLS TrustyFiles MS Windows ? ? ?

Inactive, unreleased or dead clients

Peer Code Application / Version (=>) URL(s) Developer Email Status Relased (in the wild)? Operating System Sup. Open Source? Progr. Language About it...
AGNT Agentella/0.43b jappekikk(at) Beta Q1 2003 Win32, Linux, PPC No C++, D6 Public beta by Q4-02
ARES Ares Contact: info(at) ? ? Win95/98/ME/2000/XP ? Delphi ?
AZOO AyZoo*/ ? ? Yes Win32 No ? ?
CULT Cultiv8r info(at) Beta No Win9x/NT/2K/XP No Delphi Cultiv8r is currently in development.
FEVR File Fever/ gschulma(at) Beta November 27, 2003 Windows/Mac/Linux No Java pure java client built from the ground up
GIFT giFT-Gnutella hipnod(at) Beta Yes GNU/Linux, OS X, OpenBSD, Windows Yes (GPL, thanks) C Gnutella plugin for giFT daemon
GNTG Gnutelligentsia/0.25 ataylor(at) Beta Yes Unix/Linux etc Yes C++ Emphasis on solidity and a well defined interface
NUTZ Gnutizen jamesconnolly(at) Alpha Yes Windows/Linux/BSD Yes C Multi-platform - C language on Windows and UNIX
GNUM Gnuminous leurs(at) Beta Yes Windows Yes Delphi 7 Based on Gnucleus source, ported to Delphi
NEWT Newtella dev(at) Beta Yes Unix, Linux ? GTK Focussing MP3 files sharing
PCST Peercast/0.1 info(at) Beta Yes Windows, Linux (experimental) Nearly C++ P2P broadcasting client
peer Peeranha 1.0 yodashady(at) Beta ? XP and above working on windows 9X Not Yet C++ and other A cool easy to use program that will make a spark later trust me
PWRT PowerTella/1.48 (N/A) lio1988(at) Unreleased Soon will be available. Site is down. Win98/Me/2k/XP No. VC++ Powerfull client... Currently marked as unstable.
VPUT VPutella 2.0 (N/A) grdo(at) Beta Yes Win32 No C ?
YAFS UlfsYAFS/0.1 UlfsYAFS(at) Beta Spring 2005 Windows with .NET runtime Shure (just ask) C# Just another Gnutella client.
C8GP Cultiv8r Gnutella Proxy info(at) Alpha No Windows 2000, NT, XP No Delphi Uses GnucDNA (beta)
LiNX OpenLiNX/0.1a lediff4(at) Alpha May/2004 Win32/Linux Yes C++ A variant of Gnutella with 64bit data encrytion & compression for privacy.
LION LionShare/alpha gss11(at) Alpha No All No Java Federated p2p
NOOG Noogtella alexs(at) Alpha No Linux Yes C++ Acting as a stable router
~ (N/A) Quack Alpha No Linux, Win32 Yes (GPL) Python, C Daemon-mode file-indexing server
~ (N/A) Shannon witchinghour(at) Alpha No Win32 Yes MFC Based on Gnewtella
~ (N/A) CoolTella Jeroen van Disseldorp <xenomania(at)> Pre-Alpha No ? Yes (GPL) ? Allows proxying on different networks
~ (N/A) SuperTella Preston Marshall <psm(at)> Pre-Alpha No Win32 Yes (GPL) ? Merges Gnutella and OpenNap
JHOP J-Hop barry841(at) Pre-Alpha Yes Multiplatform Yes Java See web page
KISS Kisstella/0.1 (TBA: Being Setup Right Now) stevekisstella(at) Pre-Alpha ETA: 30 Days Win9x/NT/2K/XP ? C++ Gnutella Servent
SHNB Shinobu on website Pre-Alpha 2003 GNU/Linux Yes C Gnutella2 client.
SICK Sick/1.0 scott(at) Pre-Alpha No Windows No C++ be patient!
U812 U812 Eyal Lior <thegdf(at)> Pre-Alpha Soon All Yes Java Yet Another GNet servent
XTLA XTella/0.84 (N/A) jsmugeresky(at) Debug/Beta/In Progress No Win 9x/2000/NT/XP No VB6 Active-X Component
TOAD ToadNode feedback(at) Development / Testing Preview Release to Select Evaluation Partners Win98/Win2k/WinME/WinXP No C++ ?
OXID OXIDE (N/A) targ83(at) Under development (Q2 2003) No, but Public Beta planned Win 2k/XP pos. Linux No, maybe later Delphi 6 Test bed for some privacy enhancments
DRIP Driptella/1.1 (N/A) jim_nelson(at) Under development No Multiplatform No Java My own creation. Built to teach myself the protocol
FZZN Fuzzon (N/A) (later) wtom(at) Under development No Windows Yes (later) C++ Full-scale good Gnutella Net citizen
MIRT Mirtella (N/A) mirar(at) Under development No Posix/W32 Yes Pike Experimental
NOVA NovaP2P ? Stale Last version: 1.8 (2003) Win32 No ? ?
STRM Storm/0.0.1 (N/A) h0ckey09(at) Under development Late January 2003 Win 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP No VB 6 More to come... (No URL: server up soon...)
BGNU brandGNU/0.1 volzman19(at) Under development ? Linux/Win32 Yes C++ Uses the gnuCore library (same developer)
NGET Gnuget info(at) Not Released No Windows No .NET ?
JOEY Joetella (N/A) Joetella(at) Unreleased No Windows No VB DNA_Gnuc
HUIT Huitella jeroen(at) Beginning No Windows Not yet C# ?
RASP Rasputin admin(at) Prototyping No .NET Yes C# ?
XOLO Xolox Stale Last version 2.0 Win9x/NT/2K No Delphi ?
~ (N/A) KGNUT/0.1 ? j_bastien_filiatrault(at) In early developement Not Yet Linux, GNU Yes C++ Kde Gnutella Client
~ (N/A) svcShare alex(at) Planned No Unix, Linux ? ? Text-based client for Unix, minimum UI
NAPS NapShare Moved from Gnutella to MUTE-NET Yes ? Yes ? ?
MACT Mactella General Questions <us(at)> Inactive (dead?) Yes Mac OS 9, Mac OS X Yes C/C++ GPL License - Internationalized - Porting to Windows and Linux/Unix
~ (N/A) GnuAce ace(at) Inactive Yes Win9x/NT/2K Yes C++ Gnucleus derived
ATOM AtomWire (N/A) Inactive Yes ? ? ? ?
EVIL Suicide GuoX(at) Inactive Forget it. Long way to go :) Windows No VB Suicide!
GNEW GNewtellium/0.02 elathan(at) Inactive No Linux/Unix Yes C GTK client (shares only MP3s)
OPRA Opera Inactive No Win9x/2K/NT No ? Part of the Opera browser
QTEL Qtella detzold(at) Inactive Yes Linux Yes C++ ?
SNUT SwapNut/pub.beta swapnut2005(at) Inactive Yes Multi-Platform No Java Based on LimeWire licensed client sources
ZIGA Ziga tristian(at) Inactive Yes Java Yes Java ?
GNOT Gnotella/1.0 (N/A) development(at) (Dead?) Yes Win9x/NT/2K No VisualBasic DEFUNCTIONAL
OCFG OpenCola developers(at) (Dead?) ? ? ? ? ?
~ (N/A) K-Tella (N/A) (Dead) Yes Win9x/NT/2K Yes C++ Gnucleus derived
~ (N/A) Reflector*/ (1999-2001) (N/A) (Dead) Yes Java No Java Clip2 is dead, but not its great past work !
ACQL AcqLite (N/A) (Dead) Yes Mac OS X Yes Objective-C, Java Based on LimeWire's Gnutella core
GNUT Gnut (N/A) (Dead) Yes Linux Yes C development has stopped since 2001. Peer code used in some malwares attacking Gwebcaches.
HSLG Hagelslag lucifer(at) (Dead) No ? ? ? ?
~ (N/A) Furi (N/A) (Dead) Yes Multiplatform Yes Java There might be some very few furi clients out there... You can find them by sending the following search term: !`furi~~ping
~ (N/A) AmiGnut (N/A) ? ? ? Yes ? ?
~ (N/A) DataDaemon (N/A) ? ? ? ? ? ?
~ (N/A) Echomine Muse (N/A) ? ? ? ? ? ?
~ (N/A) Gnewtella (N/A) ? ? ? Yes ? ?
~ (N/A) Gnumpty (N/A) ? ? ? Yes ? Unix Gnutella client
~ (N/A) GnuSpace (N/A) ? ? ? ? ? ?
~ (N/A) Gnutella Daemon (N/A) ? ? ? Yes ? ?
~ (N/A) Gobobo (N/A) ? ? ? Yes ? ?
~ (N/A) Impurified (N/A) ? ? ? Yes ? ?
~ (N/A) KbShare (N/A) ? ? ? Yes ? ?
~ (N/A) kibTella (N/A) ? ? ? Yes ? ?
~ (N/A) Knutella (N/A) ? ? ? Yes ? ?
~ (N/A) LoveButton (N/A) ? ? ? Yes ? ?
~ (N/A) MyGnute (N/A) ? ? ? Yes ? ?
~ (N/A) PeaGnut (N/A) ? ? ? Yes ? ?
~ (N/A) PyGnut (N/A) ? ? ? Yes ? ?
~ (N/A) SF6 (N/A) ? ? ? Yes ? ?
~ (N/A) TGDownloader (N/A) ? ? ? ? ? Gnutella / Napster
~ (N/A) VuCli (N/A) ? ? ? Yes ? ?

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