From Gnutella Developers

The authors would like to thank:

   Philippe Verdy
   Patrick Kirk
   [TODO fill]

New features mentioned in this document, not present in the original 0.4 Gnutella specification document, published by the now defunct Clip2 company should be credited thusly:

   0.6 Handshaking Protocol            LimeWire LLC
   X-Try Header                        Mike Green
   Bye Packet                          Raphael Manfredi
   Pong Caching                        LimeWire LLC and others
   EQHD Block                          Free Peers Inc.
   GGEP                                Jason Thomas
   HUGE                                Gordon Mohr
   SACHRIFC                            Christopher Rohrs
   Ultrapeers                          LimeWire LLC
   Query Routing Protocol              LimeWire LLC
   XML queries                         LimeWire LLC
   Negotiation of Gnet Compression     Raphael Manfredi
   Active Queuing Extension            Michael Stokes
   [TODO missing?]

This documentation has been initially maintained by the RFC-Gnutella Team. A first draft was written by Tor Klingberg and Raphael Manfredi. The current draft is mainly a reorganization of the first draft, with few modifications of its content.

The RFC has been maintained by Mathias Bollaert in 2003/2004. He wrote new sections 2.1,, 3.1, 3.6, 3.9.2 and did slight modifications of the other parts of the documentation. The current structure of the document (the Table of Content) was proposed by Martin Engbers. Jared lash helped as a rereader and corrected a lot of spelling errors.