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Media Player

Shareaza has a built in Media Player which can be used to preview partly downloaded files, files in your library or other playlists, etc.


Media player playlist management.png

The playlist box shows the files you currently have ready to play. At the bottom of the playlist area are some buttons: + This allows you to add a file to your current playlist. - This allows you to remove a file from your current playlist. Clear This button clears your entire playlist. Save This allows you to save your playlist.

Main Display

This is where the video or visualisation, if you are playng audio, is displayed. You can click on this to pause/continue or right click for an options menu.

Options Menu

Media player menu2.png

  • Media Settings...
  • Choose Visualization...
    • Allows you to choose which visualization you would like to use. After you have chosen a visualizaiton you can click Setup... to get more options to configure the visaulization.
    • Shareaza currently has one built in Visualization called "Mike's Simple Scopes".
    • It can also automatically detect and use Windows Media Player (WMP) Visualizations with the WMP Wrapper.
    • And it supports Sonique Visualizations which require a little bit of work to set up. To use Sonique visualisations you have to create a folder called "vis" (without the quotes) in the Shareaza directory. Then put the *.svp file in this folder. Download Sonique visualizations from fusion media.

Playing Files

If you double-click on a media file in your library, Shareaza will open the media player to try to play it. There is a list of extensions in the Media Player section of the settings, and Shareaza will consider any file with an extension in that list to be a media file, and try to open it with the media player when you double-click it in your library. You can add extensions to this list. If you don't add an extension to this list, your system's default program for that file type will open, rather than the Shareaza media player. You can also open any file in the media player, by using the open button, and navigating to the file which you wish to play (that way, you can open files which are not in Shareaza's library). You can open a file in the default external player for that file's type by holding the Shift-key while double-clicking it in the Library.

Shareaza often uses your system's Direct Show Filters to view video files or play music files. It presently has only a limited number of plugins which it can use to display certain image files (see the Plugin Options wiki page). If you don't have a codec installed that can play a file with that particular extension, then nothing will occur.

If a video or audio file doesn't play, it may be useful to install a direct show filter for it. These can be found on the internet. See the Direct Show Filters Wiki page. More help may be available in the Media Player section of the Troubleshooter or the FAQ.

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