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Using Remote Access

Setting up Remote Access

Please see the Remote access options page for information on setting up Shareaza so that it can be accessed from a remote web browser.

Logging on to Remote Access

In a web browser, enter the ip address and port of the Shareaza to which you wish to log on.

If you wish to log on to a Shareaza you have running on the computer you are presently working on, you can enter the loopback address ( and Shareaza port: eg, if you are using port 6346 for the Shareaza on the local computer, enter .

It is necessary for the browser to accept a cookie from the remote computer you are trying to access. The easiest way to do this is to enable cookies on your browser. If you use Mozilla, you can go to Tools--> Cookie Manager and the choose to "allow cookies from this site", or go to Manage Stored Cookies, then enter the ip address of the remote computer you wish to access.

After entering the ip and port in your web browser, you should come to a screen where it will offer you the option of Browse Node in Shareaza, or Remotely Access this node. Choose Remotely Access this node.

There will appear a screen asking you to enter the Username and Password for this node. These values must be entered correctly before continuing. After entering the values correctly a window will come up with five tabs: Home, Search, Downloads, Uploads, Networks. On each of these pages will be a refresh button. Use this button to refresh the information displayed on the page.


The Home tab has links to the other tabs. You can also do a search from the home tab, or enter a link to download in the Download magnet box. Note that you can enter links to resources other than magnets (http or ftp links, for example).


You can do a simple Search from the search tab. Just enter some terms to search for, optionally choose what type of file you wish to find from the drop down menu, and Shareaza will search all the connected networks. The results will appear in a separate tab. To start a download from a search result, just click it. The search results may be filtered using the Filter options; for example, enter dog and only results with the word dog will be shown, enter dog -cat and only results that contain dog, but not cat will be shown.


This menu will show all your current downloads. For each download, you may pause it (or resume it), cancel it, or ask Shareaza to search for more sources on its connected networks. Cancelled downloads will be deleted. The Filter option allows you to show only downloads in certain states.


Any uploads in each of your queues will be shown here. Beside each queue will be an -/+ button to expand or contract the window, in order to show each individual upload in the queue. Any individual uploads may be cancelled using their X button. It is not nice to cancel uploads in progress. Completed uploads can be cancelled of course, as it makes no difference.

Exiting Remote Access

The session will be maintained until the browser is exited, which clears the cookie. Simply closing the browser window without exiting the browser (eg, using Mozilla's tabbed browsing) will not clear the cookie used to login.