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Shareaza is an all-purpose file sharing client. It allows you to share your files with other people on the internet, and of course download files that other people are sharing. This works with any file type. This guide has the goal to give detailed information about the possibilities of Shareaza and the functionality of the different windows and menus.

Shareaza's P2P Networks

Shareaza can connect to four different P2P networks:

  • G2: Also known as Gnutella2. The most advanced P2P protocol available on the market.
  • gnutella: The open protocol from which Gnutella2 has evolved.
  • eDonkey2000: The best network when it comes to large files. Slowly dieing out.
  • BitTorrent: BT is used to distribute large files with the help of centralised trackers. Even though BitTorrent is named in this list, it is not a P2P network in the original sense of the term, as it doesn't form a network, but centrally organized swarms for each file that is distributed over BT.

Table of Contents


  1. Installation
  2. Using the Remote Access
  3. IRC Chat Window
  4. Useful Keyboard Shortcuts

Basic Stuff

  1. Home Tab
  2. Bandwidth Monitor
  3. Library Manager
  4. Shareaza Media Player

Downloading / Uploading

  1. Sharing Files
  2. Search Window
  3. Network Tab (including the Neighbours Window and the System Window)
  4. Transfers / Downloads


  1. Security Window
  2. Host Cache
  3. Discovery Services Window
  4. Packet Dump Window

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