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Useful Keyboard Shortcuts

This page contains a list of useful keyboard shortcuts that are available in Shareaza.

 Note: These keys should work in all display modes, unless stated otherwise.

General Keys

These are general shortcut keys that may be used anywhere in Shareaza.

F1 - Open help

  • Opens the Shareaza help site (FAQ) in your web browser.

F3 - Downloads

F4 - Uploads

F5 - Library

F6 - Media Player

F7 - Security

F8 - Host Cache

F9 - Discovery Services

F10 - Graph

F11 - System Window

  • Opens the System Window. This displays a log of Shareazas recent activity during the current session.

F12 - IRC

  • Opens the IRC Chatrooms window.

Ctrl + F1 - Packet Dump

Ctrl + F2 - Search Monitor

  • Opens the Search Monitor window. This displays a list of search queries that have been received from the network.

Ctrl + F3 - Hit Monitor

Ctrl + F11 - Neighbours Window

Ctrl + D - Download File/Torrent

  • Opens the new download dialog box. You can insert an URL here for Shareaza to download.

Ctrl + G - Connect To Network

  • Tells Shareaza to connect to the networks, if currently disconnected.

Ctrl + H - Home Tab

Ctrl + O - Shareaza Settings

Ctrl + S - Search

Ctrl + T - Connect To Dialog

  • Opens the Connect To dialog. This allows you to specify a particular host you want to connect to.

Ctrl + Shift + Z - Reskin

  • Reapplies the current skin(s) to Shareaza's interface.


These shortcut keys work in the Downloads Window


  • Pressing the Delete key will remove the currently selected download from the Downloads Window. It will also stop seeding a selected reseeding torrent.


These shortcut keys only work while viewing the Shareaza Library.


  • Renames the selected File

Alt + Up - Go to Parent

  • Opens the parent of the currently selected directory.

Shift + Click - Open Default Program

  • If you Shift - Click on a media file, instead of the file opening the Shareaza Media Player, the file will do so in the default program for that file type.
  • Note: Using Shift + Enter on a file will have the same result.

Media Player

These shortcut keys only work while viewing the Shareaza Media Player.

Alt + Enter - Full Screen

  • Resizes the window so video is displayed full screen.

Home and End

  • Restore playing speed after clicking on the speed slider.

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