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The Security Window

The security window stores all the rules Shareaza uses when deciding whether to allow the establishment of a connection (TCP or UDP) to and from a remote computer. The security window can also filter out search results based on their content. For example, if you don't want your search results to ever contain dirty words, you can use the security window to block search results with those words from appearing.

The security window can be opened with the [F7] key, or by clicking its icon in the user interface (a little lock) or by using the View menu.

The rules are processed in a top down fashion. Rules at the top take precedence. It is MOST practical to have the default rule as the last rule in the list.

The default rule is initially set to allow Shareaza to make or accept a connection. It is strongly suggested this rule not be changed. If it is changed so that, by default, it denies a connection, then only IPs in the window that are specifically allowed to connect will be allowed to do so.

The security window works best if you want to block only a small number of IPs, or block ips in a temporary fashion. If you want to block a huge number of IPs a better alternative to the security window is to use an application independent of Shareaza like Protowall. Protowall is a specialized blocklist manager. See Bluetack security's ProtoWall web page.

Adding rules to the security window

There are several ways to add rules to the security window:

  • Import a security block list Shareaza can import a security blocklist in a proper format. It is a right-click context menu option in the security window. See the Shareaza forum for links to lists of security files.
  • Temporary ban In the uploads window it is possible to ban users for a session using a right-click option on any specific user. The user's IP will be added to the security list, and the ban expires when the session ends (when you restart Shareaza).
  • Manually in the window In the security window, right-click and choose to add rule. Either choose to add a content filter rule or an IP address filter rule.


Removing rules from the security window

  • Select and Delete Individual rules Rules can be deleted by right-clicking on a rule and choosing the appropriate menu option. Also, multiple rules can be selected by creating a drag-square with the mouse over a section of the window, or [Ctrl]-clicking and using the mouse to select individual rules.
  • Delete all rules The entirety of security rules can be removed by renaming or deleting the "Security.dat" file in the Shareaza Data directory for the particular user. If the security file is excessively large it may make starting up or running Shareaza slow or cause the system to go unstable. In that case, use a system like Protowall to block IPs, and use the security window in Shareaza to block search results, or to do temporary blocking of IPs.

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More information may be found in the Security FAQ

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