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Efforts to recover the Shareaza Wiki

The Shareaza Wiki has suffered considerable damage due to an attack on our project. We are currently undertaking steps to recover lost pages, verify old and outdated ones and get as much as possible of the damaged content in place on this site again. As this is a long lasting and difficult process, parts of the Wiki are in a bad state, especially where text formatting or parts of the page content have been lost. Note that all verified and updated pages are marked with a banner displaying the update date. If you wish to contribute to the recovery process, please have a look at the MediaWikiRecovery page. Everyone willing to help (in any language version) is always welcome!

Shareaza's Help Website

This is an interactive knowledge base where users can find help for Shareaza. It also allows the contribution of new content by using a Wiki system. To find information, use the list of links below as a starting point or enter keywords in the search box on the left and click 'Search'. To contribute to the Wiki, click on the 'Edit' button at the top of the page you would like to update. Note that our Wiki uses the same formatting syntax as Wikipedia, so in case you are not sure about how to do something, the Wikipedia Icon.PNG Wikipedia Help pages should contain everything you might want to know. See also the How You Can Help section.

If you are interested in receiving technical support, or discussing topics related to Shareaza, you might also want to visit the Shareaza Forums.

Quick Links

  • QuickGuide: Do you want "just to start now" and leave all the rest for later? Then read it or not, you are welcome to start just now.
  • FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions: Here you can find the answer to many of the frequently asked questions about Shareaza and P2P networks.
  • Shareaza Manual: Here you can find detailed descriptions on how to use Shareaza.

  • Troubleshooting: Got a problem - Slow Download? Can't Connect? Come here for step-by-step troubleshooting.
  • Tips & Tricks: A section dedicated to the many ways you can get the most out of your Shareaza experience.
  • Shareaza Settings: An explanation of all the configuration details found in Shareaza's Settings Window.
  • Security Filter: All you need to know about Security Filters to block bogus and fake files.

  • Glossary: Unfamiliar with terms related to Shareaza and P2P in general? Then it's here you should look first.
  • Magnet links: Learn how you can share files in your Shareaza Library by linking to them on the web.
  • Collections: Find out about a cool but not-well-known feature of Shareaza to share lists of files with others!

  • Link Tank: Links to the Shareaza project pages and related or interesting stuff.
  • Change log: Quick overview on new features and the changes from version to version.
  • Trac Logo 512x512.pngDev Wiki (or Trac Wiki): This Wiki focuses on development, while the User Wiki (so Media Wiki, here) focuses on user support, hence is called User Wiki or simply just Wiki. Here you can also Trac Logo 512x512.pngreport bugs.

How You Can Help

Shareaza is an Open Source project. This means that without a community working on the project, it would just die. Everyone can help - even if you don't know much about computers and this kind of stuff - to make Shareaza better and a greater experience for all its users.

In order to edit our Wiki, login with your SourceForge account and contact an admin for edit permissions.

World Languages

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  • Netherlands.gif Nederlands: Hier kun je hulp vinden in het Nederlands.
  • Germany.gif Deutsch: Hilfe auf Deutsch finden Sie hier.
  • Portugal.gif Português: Aqui você pode conseguir ajuda em Português do Brasil.
  • Italy.gif Italiano: Qui puoi trovare aiuto su Shareaza.
  • France.gif Français: Vous trouverez ici de l'aide en Français sur Shareaza.
  • Russia.gif Русский: Здесь Вы можете получить помощь по Shareaza на русском языке.
  • Poland.gif Polski: Pomoc dla Shareazy po Polsku.
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