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I can't get connected, what's wrong?

Try the step-by-step eDonkey connection troubleshooting guide.

Where's the Server list?

To access to the eD2k server list use

F8 > eDonkey Cache


View > Advanced  > Host Cache > eDonkey Cache

How can I add server.met's to Shareaza?

To get into the Discovery Services view, hit F9 or access it via:

View > Advanced  > Discovery

Discovery 1g.png

Then, right-click somewhere in that window and choose Add Service...

Discovery add service.png

Put your server.met URL into the textbox, set Discovery Service Type to Server.met URL, and click OK. You can access your newly added server.met now by right-clicking the list entry and choosing Query Now.

How can I can stop sharing files that are being download from eD2k?

You can't stop the sharing of partially downloaded files. This is a big part of why eDonkey works. Shareaza forces partial file sharing when downloading from eD2k sources. If you don't want to share partial files, disconnect eD2k and restart Shareaza.

When I try to import my partial files from eMule/eDonkey it doesn't work!

Unfortunately, Shareaza cannot import 100% of all partial files from eD2k. It is recommended you shut down eMule to see if it helps the process, otherwise just finish the download in that client.

Alternatively, you may start the download in Shareaza, quit Shareaza and replace the new incomplete file with file you wish to recover and use the Advanced Edit > Reverify procedure to recover parts and continue the download (to recover more parts, this works best if you have a tiger tree or BitTorrent hash set - Shareaza doesn't yet understand AICH hash).

How can I configure the port Shareaza uses for eD2k?

Shareaza uses one port for every network it is on. You can change the port from:

Tools > Internet >  Connection

There is no advantage to using one port over another, except that the default port may be blocked by some ISPs to harm filesharing on their networks.

How can I export files to eMule? (May or may not work)

  • Preferably use an eMule mod, such as eMule Morph, that has an import parts feature (see the mod section of forum.emule-project.net). This is by far the easiest method.
  • Alternatively run both clients, and add your Shareaza as a source to the eMule download. This may require some obvious modifications of the eMule or Shareaza settings to allow connections from local IPs.
  • Alternatively, search for the same file in eMule, wait until you get a full source and a little bit has downloaded, then close eMule.
  • Go to the eMule temp folder and delete the .part file (Keep the part.met files).
  • Copy/rename the partial file that Shareaza downloaded to replace the deleted part file.
  • Run DonkeyDoctor and perform a "Test met" using the part.met file (which is pointing to the renamed file now). DonkeyDoctor will then allow you to apply the corrections for the already downloaded parts to the part.met file.
  • Restart eMule and it will resume with the completed sections.

Does Shareaza support credit systems?

Credit systems, as seen in eMule, do not require any interaction between clients or servers. When uploading to a client that has a credit system enabled, you aggregate credits only at that one client and only that one client stores your credits. Therefore, Shareaza does not need to support credit systems to aggregate credits.

Does Shareaza support eMule's Credit System/Does it have an own credit system?

No, Shareaza does not support eMule's Credit System. Shareaza does reward other eDonkey clients with the Reward Uploaders option enabled by default in the Queue Settings.

And yes, it has an own credit system: The Reward Uploaders feature gives users who upload to you an additional +10% (default) to the default queue rotation time, so they can download longer before being moved to the end of the queue. You can adjust the bonus percentage by changing the value for Uploads.RewardQueuePercentage in the Advanced Settings.

Does Shareaza support SecureID?

No, Shareaza does not support eMule's Secure Identification (SecureID), yet.

How can I optimize eDonkey2000 (eD2k) network connectivity and results?

These are some observations in getting the best out of the eDonkey2000 (eD2k) network using Shareaza.

Your experience with Shareaza in searching, downloading and serving on the eDonkey network is going to be very heavily dependent on the quality of the eDonkey server(s) you are connecting to.

First, you need to make sure Shareaza is connecting to eDonkey servers with a HighID. If for some reason you keep getting LowID connections to eDonkey servers refer to the wiki notes to resolve this problem: FirewallGuide

Secondly, you need to minimize the possibility of fake or spam servers being added to your eDonkey Cache (your active eDonkey server list in Shareaza). In your "Shareaza Settings -> Networks -> eDonkey" make sure "Receive and update server list from the connected server" is unchecked.

Thirdly, if your connecting to and using the eDonkey network regularly, I strongly recommend you refer to a good eDonkey server list site like http://edk.peerates.net/ on a regular basis. This allows you to verify what server(s) is currently the best performing one on the network. I generally choose the one(s) with the most indexed files. You can choose to import the evaluated server list from peerates.net using the link http://peerates.net/servers.php or you can choose to add an individual server manually.

Fourthly, and this is very useful. Go into your Host Cache, select the eDonkey Cache view and set the server you have identified as the best one as a "Priority Server", deselecting all other listed "Priority Servers". This then ensures that every time Shareaza connects or reconnects to the eDonkey network it will attempt to connect to this server before any other. Basically it helps ensure that your connected to your preferred server at all times.

Connecting to the same quality server each time is important if you’re downloading or searching because you want to have access to the maximum number of files and sources available for the files you’re interested in. Statistically if you've picked the sever on the network with the greatest number of indexed files your chances of doing this are greater.

Also, connecting to this same quality server each time is important if you’re serving files because this same server usually has the most users in the network connected to it and therefore the most potential for creating new sources for the files you’re interested in promoting on the network. Making sure you keep connecting back to the same server is important in serving / promoting files on the eDonkey network as it maximizes potential sources per file and visibility. If you keep connecting to different servers on the eDonkey network then the number of complete and incomplete sources you create of the files your serving are more likely be spread across different users connecting across different servers and not collectively visible on the network, resulting in lower source number and making your files less visible and attractive for download. Files do gain more souces more quickly when connecting consistently to the same highly populated server than otherwise.

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