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How do you pronounce "Shareaza"?

'Share·a·za ( P ) Pronunciation Key (shâr''ä-zä) Abbr. Raza

Who makes Shareaza?

Michael Stokes is the originator of Shareaza. He personally developed all the versions up through He then released the code to open source under the GPL license, and development is now by interested parties (we call them "the Shareaza development team"). You can find most of these people in the Development forums, and users who have relevant programming skills are welcome to take part. The alpha and beta testers of Shareaza should also be noted because without them, Shareaza wouldn't be what it is today.

Does Shareaza have spyware?

No! Shareaza does not include any third party software, so you don't have to worry. PestPatrol, and several other low quality spyware detection and removal programs, incorrectly detect spyware within Shareaza. Some of them actually label any P2P program as spyware ridden, which is very untrue. SpyBot S&D is a better choice for eliminating spyware and adware.

Do I have to pay for Shareaza?

Absolutely not, Shareaza is free software. If you have purchased Shareaza, read about what you can do.

Does Shareaza leech or otherwise hurt networks?

No. Shareaza strives to be compatible with every client it may connect to and any network it communicates through as well as helping their growth. If you have heard this, feel free to tell us about it in the forums. After all, there could be a small bug that you may help uncover.

How do I browse another user's files?

This can be done from a search window, transfer window and in chat windows. If you are doing this in a search or transfer window, you will have to expand the files with the +. While in a chat, press the Browse User button. Not all browse attempts will work due to firewalls/routers, dead hosts, and users who have disabled the browse function.

What are the plus (+) signs next to files on the Search (and Transfer) screen for?

If you click the + sign you will get a list of all the users sharing that file, the name may not be an identical match, but all the files are the same.

Just formatted? or Can't Connect?

Read about how to get connected.

Does Shareaza run on Linux/Unix/MacOS/other?

No, Shareaza can only run natively on Win32 (respectively x64) systems like Microsoft Windows 9x, Me, NT, 2000 or XP. However, it runs on Linux and other *nix systems with a x86 processor through Wine. A guide to running Shareaza on Linux.

What Programming language is Shareaza written in?

Shareaza is written in C++ using Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC) and compiled using Visual Studio 7.

How can I run Shareaza on a limited/restricted account

Make sure you are running at least version and that you tick Enable multi-user support during the installation. That way all of the Shareaza download folders & settings will be stored in user-specific places. Also you will have to make sure that you/Shareaza have access rights in the Incompletes and library directories.

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