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This page has been updated on 2010-04-01 for the release of Shareaza v2.5.2.1.


Please refer to the Troubleshooting section of the wiki for detailed information

Can't Download Problems

This can happen because of two reasons:

1. This may be because of a firewall, NAT or router

  • Use information found on this Wiki page to find out whether you need to manually do configuration work on your computer or peripheral devices.
  • Try out the following Wiki article for more information on configuring port forwarding: Firewalls & Routers help

2. This may be because of the Networks you're connected to

This may be because you are downloading from the eDonkey2000 (eD2k) network so you need to wait in the large queues. Try to just use Gnutella2 and/or Gnutella or BitTorrent or at least to find additional sources via the downloads context menu (available in Power Mode). You may start downloading faster.

IF you do decide to use eD2k you'll have wait hours or possibly days and there will be very long queues. The download will eventually continue, but slowly. ED2k requires patience. Although eD2k is one of largest networks with many files, this is the way eDonkey2000 is. You can have a lot of eDonkey2000 sources (3000) but rarely download from them because of the queues. Believe it or not but in a race to download a file a download with 20 Gnutella2 clients VS a download with 3000 eD2k clients may end up with the Gnutella2 clients winning. It must be admitted that eMule is, right now, a better eD2k client than Shareaza. However, Shareaza has improved quite a bit, and should be able to more closely approach eMule's performance.

Some Terms you may see

  • Pending: Means that you are likely queued on eD2k sources. Use the filter on the lower right of the downloads window to show these sources. It may also mean that your maximum number of connections has been achieved, so you won't be able to start this download yet. It may also mean that you know some sources, but they are too busy to allow you to enqueue -- Shareaza will try these sources again from time to time, or may eventually drop them as they are uncommunicative. (Note that Pending can mean three very different things.)
  • Active: Means that you are waiting in queue for the file and as soon as the people in front of you are done, it's your turn.
  • No Sources: Means that Shareaza cannot find any sources on the network(s) that you are connected to. Try connecting to more networks or waiting. Also try to manually find more sources, but do not choose this option too often as it is abusive, and could lead to you being banned on eD2k for awhile -- Shareaza searches automatically.

More Information...

  • If you have Windows XP Service Pack 2, or a later Operating System, it might reduce your filesharing experience. On this page, there are instructions on how to resolve this problem.
  • Try also the Optimize Downloads Guide. Also, you can disconnect from eDonkey2000 and clean the eDonkey2000 sources from your downloads. But if you don't find sources, you'll need to reconnect to it.

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