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This page has been updated on 2009-12-19 for the release of Shareaza v2.5.4.0. It has been created on 2009-12-19.


The Discovery Services Window

The Discovery Services Window contains the list of web services used to fill the Host Cache for the initial network connection. Discovery Services EN.PNG

  1. The Address column lists the URL of the different Discovery Services in the list.
  2. The Type column gives information about the type of Discovery Services in the list.
  3. This shows the Last Access date and time of the respective services.
  4. The Hosts column shows how much different IPs the Discovery Service has returned the last time it was queried.
  5. The Total Hosts column shows how much IPs have been returned since the first query of the cache.
  6. URLs shows how much URLs of other GWCs a GWC has returned at the last query.
  7. Total URLs shows how much URLs have been returned in total since the first query.
  8. The Accesses column lists the number of accesses of each Discovery Service.
  9. Failures lists the number of accesses a Discovery Service failed when being queried. After a certain amount of failures, services are removed from the list. See the Advanced Setting Discovery.FailureLimit to alter the default number of 2.
  10. The Pong column shows the reply caches give when receiving a Ping.
  11. Blue Icons represent G2 GWCs.
  12. Server.met Icons precede the URLs of server.met files.
  13. These gray Icons represent gnutella uhc bootstraps.
  14. Green Icons represent multi network GWCs.
  15. Gray Icons represent gnutella GWCs.
  16. Red Icons represent blocked Discovery Service URLs.

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