The last day on Earth

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The last day on Earth

Postby queueclimber » 07 Dec 2012 18:49

The 21.12.2012 is the day when the 12th baktun ends ( or the 13th starts )
That's the last day on earth like we know it.
What will YOU do at that day ?

I know, what I have to do.
My store is closeing 3 days later and I have to find a new one. Even SourceForge is closing.
And I will spend a nice day with my kids with iceskating.
I#m interested in, what will you do at that day ?

From now on we have two weeks to talk about.
Come on, tell me your nightmares.
My special nightmare is, that all bugs are fixed and we have nothing to talk about.
First, waiting slowly, but then starting for waiting faster.
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