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Commiting code

Postby siavoshkc » 30 Dec 2009 19:47

How can I commit a change in SVN to the trunk? It requires username and password. And how can I coordinate with other developers?
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Re: Commiting code

Postby old_death » 30 Dec 2009 20:45

Your post here was the best thing to start. It's Ryo-oh-ki, who's the leading developer here, so you should contact him. The most easy way to do this is to visit the #Shareaza-dev channel on the P2PChat IRC server or to just leave him a PM on this board.

Meanwhile, you should know not everyone gets SVN access (for obvious security reasons), so new devs usually start by posting their first X commits directly into the Code Submission forums where they write some short lines about what the code does (and maybe why it is needed, if this needs clarification).
(Note that you should always post all files that have been modified completely, and not only the lines that have changed.)

BTW, it's always cool if the project gets new devs so I'd like to say welcome to you! (even if you have already posted before ;) )

EDIT: Seems that I haven't replied well to your second question: The devs coordinate themselves via these boards and the IRC chat. And our bug tracker can be found here.

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