How to compile Shareaza under VS2005? What SDKs+Libs I need?

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How to compile Shareaza under VS2005? What SDKs+Libs I need?

Postby solarangel » 21 Sep 2009 18:41

small q: does shareaza sources support new "Windows SDK for Windows 7 and .NET Framework 3.5 SP1" and "DirectX SDK March 2009" or I must have some older SDKs ?

ie: tried to compile Shareaza and bunch of errors popup (I have VS2005 fully installed) and know I am missing platformSDK (at least full installation and there are some files from platformsdk in VS2005), so I decided while I am downloading full installation of (now new name) Windows SDK for Windows 7, to hack code to think I have Platform SDK installed.
= numerious PSDK headers downloaded straight from net and it helped me successfully compile most of projects.
= hacked some missing GuiID's for controls
= downloaded booster library and configured VS to his include and library path
= downloaded Intel Installer SDK and cofigured VS to his include and library path
= there were some problems with LibGFL ie: libgfl280.dll file was not in proper compile path and registration of GFLImageServices and GFLLibraryBuilder project outputs (dlls) was unsuccessfull returning fatal error in compile process. Copied needed files in compile folder, and compile worked like charm.
= dshow.h was missing -.- so now I need "DirectX SDK" and it already was 4 am in the morning, so I've decided to try after good night sleep (actually after work).
= came back installed Windows SDK for W7 set paths in VS Options for C++ removing settings for IntelMSI SDK, and some other of mine hacks,
= clear all before recompile, and started with 7ZipBuilder and LOL I got error it wont compile, MIDL tool returning some stupid error tried to find solution for it but NAN online guess no one yet disovered it -.-

now I am little confused here why there was so huge need for all this packages (>3GB downloaded from net, had to resize system partition to install all doono how much it ate it) that even do not work with source of shareaza.
even my hacks were better, managed to compile some projects with them.
so I am little stuborn here, sry for that, but still I am optimistic as I managed once to compile some of sources, I'll try to do it again.

but first want to know what SDKs are used for original build so I can target that platform SDKs and not to waste more time on hacking things.
so I am stopping installing of DirectX SDK until I discover which one I really need (if I need it really).

thanks in advance

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Re: How to compile Shareaza under VS2005? What SDKs+Libs I need?

Postby zigozag » 23 Sep 2009 01:25

Hi solarangel,

This page might have some answers to your questions.
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Re: How to compile Shareaza under VS2005? What SDKs+Libs I need?

Postby raspopov » 29 Oct 2009 05:17

Don't use VS2005, its project outdated and will be completely removed soon. Shareaza required VS2008.
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