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Shareaza Speedup Pro

Postby chermesh » 06 Dec 2012 23:03

What is this addon? a useful addition? a scam? a spam?
Appreciate your view and/experience
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Re: Shareaza Speedup Pro

Postby old_death » 07 Dec 2012 14:57

Probably a virus or spyware respectively. Do NOT download it!
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Re: Shareaza Speedup Pro

Postby queueclimber » 07 Dec 2012 21:14

Trying a download for this.
All links are untrusted.
If you want to download serious software, stay away from these domains.
They all have trojans inside.
You can't boost.
You can search over a Hub. And stay connected to a source.
What the source can give to you, it will give. Not more, not less.
It always depends on the source.
But you can adjust Advanced Settings.
Google over the 10000 settings. Know your OS.
But downloading a speedup -> It will not work
First, waiting slowly, but then starting for waiting faster.
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