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security warning

Postby scman14 » 05 Jul 2009 05:34

why cant the security warning be deleted, and why di i have to log in each time i visit the forum ?

asking for advice

scman 14
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Re: security warning

Postby ocexyz » 05 Jul 2009 09:35

The necessity of logging in is "forced" by to all projects located here and seems we will have no influence on this, ever. This is how they run and we just have to follow those rules. Well, currently none is ready for any next experiment with external site after "last events", so please just get used to it. Perhaps you can see forum w/o loging in address when in browser will be http but not httpS.
Security warning is a habit of IE. Use FireFox to liquidate it, or adjust IE if this is possible - I don't know how.
And believe me, no matter how many times you will ask about it, answer will be the same. I sorry for that, this is how it is for now, and none is hiding anything. If you would found another solution let us know.
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