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Thumbnail Size

Postby ffagaras » 08 Jan 2012 18:03

I've notice that thumbnail size is not correlated with the setting stored in Settings.Library.ThumbSize. The thumb size is hard-coded in
file Shareaza.h :
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#define THUMB_STORE_SIZE   128            // Thumbnail dimensions (128x128 px)

If you change the value in Settings.Library.ThumbSize the Library also change the size of the preview area but the picture size remains set to THUMB_STORE_SIZE. I think that is not correct and frustrating so I propose the necessary changes as follow :
File ThumbCache.cpp:
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BOOL CThumbCache::Cache(LPCTSTR pszPath, CImageFile* pImage, BOOL bLoadFromFile)
   // Resample to desired size
   //old code
   //if ( ! pImage->FitTo( THUMB_STORE_SIZE, THUMB_STORE_SIZE ) )
   if ( ! pImage->FitTo( (int)Settings.Library.ThumbSize, (int)Settings.Library.ThumbSize) )
      return FALSE;


and also I've change the default size value from 128 to 256 px because the preview picture is small and you can't distinguish what contains if you have higher
screen resolution.

File Settings.cpp :
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void CSettings::Load()
//Add( _T("Library"), _T("ThumbSize"), &Library.ThumbSize, 128, 1, 16, 256, _T(" px") );
Add( _T("Library"), _T("ThumbSize"), &Library.ThumbSize, 256, 1, 16, 256, _T(" px") );

Thank you.
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