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This template takes two parameters, and creates underlined text with a hover box for many modern browsers supporting CSS:

[[ Hover your mouse over this text| Hover your mouse over this text]]


XMPP - shows how to link directly to an image in a wiki. UML diagram for the LimeWire implementation of XMPP


The following code shows how to create multiple image maps for an image. In this case there are four image hotspots, two polygrams, a rectangle and a circle, however none are working at the moment (the links to new pages were picked at random so aren't intended to any sense).

See ImageMap for more info.

 Image:Limewire_code_icon.png |200px|picture of a LW code icon
 poly 131 45 213 41 210 110 127 109 [[Getting_Started]]
 poly 104 126 105 171 269 162 267 124 [[How_Gnutella_Works]]
 rect 15 95 94 176   [[Code_entry_points]]
 # A comment, this line is ignored
 circle 57 57 20    [[Internationalization]]
 desc bottom-left

ImageMap 200 X 200 pixels - multiple links

Getting StartedHow Gnutella WorksCode entry pointsInternationalization
picture of a LW code iconAbout this image


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