LimeWire is the Flagship Client on the Gnutella Network

We believe that the Gnutella Network could be and should be one of the core distribution tools on the Internet. We believe in open standards, open networks, and that any global networking protocol must have an open source piece at its core if it is to remain uncorrupted. We believe that the best people to develop the Gnutella Network and its applications are its users.

We invite all users interested in developing the Gnutella Network and its applications to join the LimeWire Open Source Project. Lime Wire LLC hopes to expedite Gnutella research and development by providing the core message passing and file sharing code, so that one need not waste time re-writing it. The combined public efforts of noble individuals will keep Gnutella a virtuous, public network, for the people and by the people. The LimeWire Open Source Project hopes other developers will help to build the network that benefits all people and future generations.

Getting Started as a LimeWire Developer

The first step is to get a copy of the LimeWire source code. The source can be downloaded in a single archive, but it is recommended that you check out the code from CVS. Before you start hacking, you should build and run your local copy of the code. For detailed instructions, check out Getting Started.

Many individuals already know what they want to fix; these developers just dive in and start coding. Alternatively, we maintain a list of known bugs and feature requests and a feature wish list if you are looking for inspiration. Both are good ways to start, and extensive resources are available no matter what your development style:

Direct interaction with the LimeWire community is frequently possible at the #limewire IRC channel on the server.

Run a UDP Host Cache

If you are not a developer but have a static IP address, you can still help the Gnutella Network by running a UDP Host Cache (UHC). UHCs help new users find the Gnutella Network, and extra UHCs are always welcome. To find out more, check out GhostWhiteCrab.