Get source code

You can see the LimeWire code through your browser without downloading anything extra. Additionally, you can import the code through an IDE (we recommend this method using Eclipse because it's cross-platform and open source) or via the command line with CVS.

Browse source files

You can use your web browser to navigate through the LimeWire project's sub directories to see the source files. Also with Fisheye, you can see when changes were made to code.


Checkout with CVS

Log in to LimeWire's CVS server and check out a copy of the current source code using guest as the user name and password:

cvs login
cvs checkout limewire


Use Eclipse

In Eclipse, click File, Import..., CVS, Projects from CVS, and click Next.

Create a new repository location with the following information:


Repository path: /cvs

User and Password: guest


Then use LimeWire as the specified module.



You can view the changes in various versions of LimeWire from July, 2001 to the current version.

For additional information, see: