Get a Skin

Follow the steps here to pick out a new skin you like, and put it on your copy of LimeWire.

Step 1: Download the Skin File

The skins pictured below were made by LimeWire developers and users. Pick one out, and right-click its download link. Choose Save Target As... to download a file like SkinName_theme.lwtp.

Step 2: Put the Skin File in the Themes Folder

Find LimeWire's themes folder. On Windows, it will have a path like this:

C:\Documents and Settings\Kevin\Application Data\LimeWire\themes

On a Mac, the path will be like this instead:


Put the .lwtp file you downloaded in the themes folder.

Step 3: Switch LimeWire to the Skin

From LimeWire's menu, click View and choose Apply Skins. The menu that pops up will list the skins that LimeWire finds in the themes folder. Click the one you just downloaded, and LimeWire will switch to it. LimeWire may have to restart for the new skin to take effect.

Skin Gallery

Image:carbonclassic_theme_sm.gif Carbon Classic

Submitted by Jim Barnes and modified by LimeWire.

Jim wanted a Mac OS X look for System 9.2 and lower or just for fun.


Image:pinkblack_theme_sm.gif Pink and Black Theme

By Kristy P. (and modified by Lime Wire)

Kristy wanted a LimeWire skin with her favorite colors.


Image:pink_theme_sm.gif Pink Skin

By Lime Wire

For the bride-to-be.


Image:ocean_theme_sm.gif Ocean Skin

By Lime Wire

Think of the beach, a sunny day, your Grandma's bathroom wallpaper.


Image:red_theme_sm.gif Red Skin

By Lime Wire

Warning: very bright.


Image:black_theme_sm.gif Black Skin

By Lime Wire

Mimics the look of Winamp classic, so you have a matching player


Image:green_theme_sm.gif Green Skin

By Lime Wire

Where's me lucky charms? You either love the forest or you're Irish.


Image:brown_theme_sm.gif Brown Skin

By Lime Wire

60's Retro/Mod with Orange.


Image:brownandpink_theme_sm.gif Brown and Pink Skin

By Lime Wire

60's Retro/Mod with Pink.


Image:white_theme_sm.gif White Skin

By Lime Wire

For those who like it plain and simple.


Image:party_theme_sm.gif Party Skin

By Lime Wire

The splash screen for this screen features our very own Sumeet Thadani enjoying the sweet strains of heavy metal music.


Image:patriotic_theme_sm.gif Patriotic Skin

By Lime Wire

Woohoo! America rules! Give it up for the red, white and blue!


Image:holiday_theme_sm.gif Happy Holiday Skin

By Lime Wire

Ho ho ho!


Image:halloween_theme_sm.gif Halloween Skin

By Lime Wire



Image:valentine_theme_sm.gif Valentine's Skin

By Lime Wire

LimeWire reminds our users how much we love them.


Image:classic_theme_sm.gif LimeWire Classic Skin

By Lime Wire

The original LimeWire skin, in use since the application's first release.