Content Toolbox

The Creative Community Forums are a great opportunity to connect with other artists, musicians and creators. Through the forums, you can share your stories, build partnerships and grow.

Additionally, the Legal P2P Support provides tools to navigate litigation, answers to technical questions about evidence, online resources and community forums.

Everything you need to cultivate your content

1. Creating Content

Tools and online communities devoted to content creation in digital music, art and film.

2. Licenses And Rights

Navigate Licenses And Rights to learn about licensing options, protecting your work, and setting a sound legal foundation for sharing content with the world.

3. Publish Your Content

Resources on hosting and publishing your work.

4. Promotion and Financing Strategies

Promote and advertise your work online -- without draining your resources.

5. Podcasting Legal Guide

A general roadmap of some of the legal issues specific to podcasting.

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