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Bugs are for programming or UI mistakes with the LimeWire open source project. If, on the other hand, you have trouble using LimeWire, either searching, downloading, etc. please see the User Guide or the forums.

Before creating an issue, see if the bug is reproducible. Also, include the detailed steps you used to produce the bug, including the Java version, operating system and the version of LimeWire you are using. However, you can omit specifics like time of day, etc. and any personal information in the bug report.

For example:

'Rename' fails when changing to uppercase or lowercase version of the same filename
Environment:  Windows XP Pro XP2
To reproduce this bug:
* In the library, find a file which has an incorrect mix of uppercase/lowercase
* Change the name of the file so that the case is correct
* Hit enter
* The error message given is "Unable to rename the file 'filename'

Get paid

LimeWire pays you to finish projects we don't have the time to finish. Though working on the LimeWire bounties may not be enough money to be a full time job, it is at least something. However, LimeWire has hired many open source contributors ... so it could become a full time job. For example, you could work on:

  • Detect when there isn't enough disk space to copy a file and move it instead, or
  • New front-end that allows control of LimeWire via a web browser

Submit code

You can start working on a task in a couple of ways. If you want to fix a bug or take on a bounty, add a comment in Jira and the LimeWire team will give some advice when they can. Or, if you have a new feature idea, create the feature in Jira and assign it to yourself. When ready to submit, create a patch and attach the file to the Jira item.

Prior to including with the latest code, the LimeWire team needs to perform a code review of the patch. Therefore, please update your LimeWire code to the latest to minimize the differences for the review. Additionally, please include tests for new features.


Here you can find information on how to contribute to localizing LimeWire into another language.

Open source contributors

It's the open source contributors who made LimeWire what it is today and many have joined the team as full time employees.

For additional information, see: