LimeWire Wiki

Welcome to the official wiki for LimeWire, the world's leading file sharing software.

Using LimeWire

If you have any questions about using LimeWire, see the User Guide. This guide includes videos and text based instructions to explain the many features of LimeWire including BitTorrent, Friends and a whole host of other features.

Programming LimeWire

The following links will help get you involved with the LimeWire Open Source project:

For additional help, see Getting Started for detailed instructions to get the LimeWire source code.

If you are new to software development, check out Hello World for an introduction to Java using the world's most traditional first program.

Making Skins and Graphics

LimeWire 4's Skin feature lets you choose a different color and appearance for the program you'll like even better. You can Get a Skin or Make a Skin.

Publishing Your Work with LimeWire

LimeWire lets anyone broadcast their creative content to the world. Musicians, filmmakers, artists, and students: Share how to create, license, publish, and promote your work in the Content Toolbox. Find out about new license options like Creative Commons.

Podcasters should check out LimeCast.

Using P2P Software Legally and Safely

The Internet and peer-to-peer software are powerful tools. It's important to use them legally and safely. Share your stories to help build a powerful online resource on the law and politics surrounding this new technology in Legal P2P Support.

Everything Else

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