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This page has been updated on 2011-01-12 for the release of Shareaza v2.5.3.0.

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The information on this page should apply to all Envy versions provided there are no major changes.


If nothing else will work or you prefer, it is possible to manually connect to Gnutella2 if you are already connected to the eDonkey network.

The steps are easy:

  1. Search for "shareaza" within the eDonkey network.
  2. After few seconds you should obtain a few results in the search window.
  3. Download the file with has most sources (probably it will be an installer of Envy you have already).
  4. Switch to the Download Window/Transfers Tab and wait a few seconds so the source list will grow. A few sources should be Envy nodes.
  5. Pause the download (you are not interested in the actual file and you need the list of sources that will be erased if the download has been finished).
  6. Move your mouse pointer over one of the Envy node listed and write down its IP and port.
  7. Hit [CTRL]+[T] and fill in the IP and the port you have previously written down. Then click on "Connect".
  8. Wait a few second and use [CTRL]+[F11] to check whether a connection has been established.
  9. Repeat with another Envy node, if needed.

Note that the Envy node you try to connect to will reject you 99% of the time, but will most probably give your Envy client a list of known Envy Hubs. In my experience, Envy will connect to the Gnutella2 network in a matter of seconds and populate the Host Cache within a few minutes.

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