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This page has been updated on 2009-10-23 for the release of Shareaza v2.5.x.0.

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The information on this page should apply to all Envy versions provided there are no major changes.


What is gnutella?

Gnutella is a totally decentralized P2P network which Envy supports. gnutella started as a small, totally decentralized P2P protocol. Its decentralization gave users peace and confidence that it, unlike Napster which preceded it, could never be shut down. For a long time it was the fastest growing P2P network in the world. Since it is an open protocol, it is constantly developed and extended by a group of program developers. However, development has ceased during the past years and some of the clients of this network now support additional network technologies in order to avoid/circumvent the flaws in the base design of gnutella, which have been solved on Gnutella2.

There are a lot of programs running on the network apart from Envy. Those include gtk-gnutella, Frostwire and Phex.

For more info on gnutella, see Wikipedia Icon.PNG its Wikipedia entry.

The Gnutella development forum newsgroup at Yahoo has the most up to date specification documents on gnutella (available for members of that group only).

For solving problems with Envy (not) connecting to the gnutella network, see this connecting troubleshoot guide.

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