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This page has been updated on 2011-01-14 for the release of Shareaza v2.5.x.x.


This page contains common frequently asked questions about BitTorrent. For further information, see the BitTorrent Wiki page.


How can I download only selected files from a torrent?

Since Shareaza v2.4.0.4 r7924, Envy supports the download of only selected files from a batch (= multi file) torrent. To do so, go to the download properties and set priority for unneeded files to None.

Note that the download properties will only show up in the context menu of a download if you are using Envy in Power Mode.

How do I connect to BitTorrent?

You do not have to "connect to" BitTorrent, as you have to connect to P2P networks, as BitTorrent is not a network. When you download a .torrent file from a website, Envy will read the information contained in that .torrent file and connect to a mini-network of hosts (a so-called swarm) and central tracker (if used). BitTorrent provides no means of searching for content distributed with it.

Does BitTorrent work with firewalled users?

Yes, BitTorrent will work even if you are firewalled. However, the download speeds will be slower because you will not be able to connect to other firewalled users. Also your ability to seed to all users is limited.

It is generally a bad idea to use any P2P client behind a firewall/router that has not been configured to forward the necessary data to that client. Use the page on port forwarding to configure your router(s) and/or firewall correctly. This can give you up to 10 times faster downloads if done correctly.

Why do my downloads don't start?

The .torrent file might be too old and the tracker could be no longer be supporting it. In this case you will have to find a new .torrent file. However, this could also be caused by your computer having limited connectivity. If you are unsure if everything works as it should, try using the Envy Connection Test.

Why does my download percentage goes backwards from time to time?

You can safely ignore it. It means that you received a piece of the file that didn't check out as being correct, so it has to be downloaded again to assure the file being without errors, which could cause the file to be completely useless. (For example, damaged audio files could stop playback after a certain time or have screeching noises in the middle.)

My BitTorrent downloads are slow or don't work at all

BitTorrent works best if you can accept incoming connection attempts. Most people who complain about slow download speeds have some problem with their port forwarding or firewall. While port forwarding is done automatically on all devices that support it, firewalls usually need to be set up manually so that incoming TCP (resp. UDP) connection attempts on the port Envy uses are not blocked.

See the port forwarding page of our Wiki for more information on how to set up your Firewall and/or router(s) correctly.

If you are unsure if everything works as it should, try using the Envy Connection Test.

Where can I find files to download with BitTorrent?

You can find .torrent files on web sites. Important .torrent tracker pages are listed on the Wikipedia Icon.PNG Comparison of BitTorrent sites page on Wikipedia. You can also try a search engine such as Google and search for a keyword like "torrent" or the keyword you are searching for + "torrent". It is also possible to find .torrent files within P2P networks, such as Gnutella2 or the eDonkey network (both supported by Envy).

How do I share or reseed a BitTorrent file after it has been downloaded?

Leave the download in the downloads window to continue sharing it. When you clear it from the window, Envy will stop sharing (seeding) the file. You can reseed (= reshare) the BitTorrent file by going to Envy's Library Manager and changing to Folder View. Go to the torrents directory that Envy has created and double-click the file you wish to reseed. When the dialog box appears, choose to "seed". If Envy fails to reseed the file, make sure the files that are part of that torrent are in Envy's library. Moving the .torrent file to the parent directory of the files you are trying to seed might be helpful in some cases. See the BitTorrent Wiki page for more information on how to seed or reseed a torrent.

Vocabulary/Status and Error Messages


A client with the status Choked is already uploading to its maximum number of other users and therefore cannot upload data to you.


A client with the status Uninterested does not currently have parts of the torrent you need and you do not currently have parts of the torrent he needs.

Tracker Down

If the status of a torrent says Tracker Down, the tracker of that torrent is currently not reachable. This occurs for example when the tracker for the BitTorrent file is overloaded or shut down. It is possible that the tracker is only temporarily down and may come back online. Do not cancel a download if you are unsure of the tracker's status. Many trackers are overloaded, and it might be hard for your client to connect to one of them straight away. However it is possible that a tracker is permanently offline and will not come online again. In this case you will have to chose a different torrent to download.

Connection refused or not authorized

This indicates that the tracker administrators are not allowing it to be used for this torrent. Some trackers will only track torrents that are also posted in their forums/website, for example. Usually this indicates a stale torrent - try going to the web site associated with the tracker and see if you can find an updated torrent.

How do I have .torrent files opened up with Envy?

Go to

Tools > Envy Settings... > General > Web

and check the .torrent association box. Hit apply.

How do I stop .torrent files from opening up with Envy

Go to

Tools > Envy Settings... > General > Web

and uncheck the .torrent association box. Hit apply. Now run your BitTorrent program's setup and tell it to take over .torrent files. Note that there will be conflicts in .torrent handling if you do not remove Envy from handling .torrents first.

If after doing the above Envy is still grabbing torrent links, you can edit the .TORRENT file type directly to open with whatever program you desire. Go to the Folder Options control panel from within the Tools menu of Windows Explorer, and within the file types tab, choose to edit the .TORRENT file type. Go to the open command, and edit it to select whatever program you wish to be the default handler of torrents. Also edit the DDE application for the open command, or turn off DDE.

NOTE: Some users have experienced Envy refusing to "uncheck" BitTorrent link handling in the Envy settings. The change will not 'take'. In this case, uninstall Envy and then run your other BitTorrent application and set it to take BitTorrent links. Verify in the Folder Options that the TORRENT file type's DDE application is not Envy, and the default application to open TORRENT links is the one you want. You can then reinstall Envy while remembering not to check BitTorrent link handling when the QuickStart Wizard is first run.

Help! I have some other problem with BitTorrent

Try the general connection problems and the BitTorrent Wiki pages first. If you do not find the answer(s) you are searching for over there, try leaving a message on the Envy Forums.

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