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The MediaWiki content needs to be updated due to the recent sabotage and following restoration from an old backup. However, even the outdated MediaWiki contains some usefull answers. Commonly it is treated as the basic knowleadge base and help tool. For using Visual Studio take a look at the Trac Logo 512x512.pngCompiling Envy guide in the Trac Logo 512x512.pngTrac Wiki.


Getting Started How to install Microsoft Visual Studio, download the Envy source code, and compile it into a working copy of the program.

Testing Environment How to set up a dedicated testing environment, install other P2P applications, and interact with various network protocols used by the Envy architecture.

Catching Bugs How to analyze crash dumps for the debug builds.

Plugin SDK How to develop a plugin for Envy using the Envy plugin interface.

How Envy Works File-by-file, object-by-object documentation of the Envy source code. How Envy communicates with other computers to share files.

How Gnutella Works How the Gnutella network works to let programs like Envy share files. Notes reading the GDF Wiki, and matching up parts of that specification with parts of the Envy source code.

Hashing How peer-to-peer networks and Shareza use hashes. The interface of camper's new hashing code.

Looking for a project ? Do you want to work on Envy? A list of projects that we'd like to see done.

Feature request list (outdated, but interesting and inspiring, some have been already implemented, verification needed)

Shareaza Changelog Legacy Shareaza development progress.


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